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Acadiana Cooks Guest Chef Series offers an opportunity for the amateur chef to have their creations on a restaurant menu! Café Sydnie Mae has convened a panel to select 7 Acadiana amateur home chefs to collaborate with our own, award-winning and C.I.A. graduate, Chef Kim Nuzum, and her staff to create a 3-course meal using your recipes.

Cooking for a cause… your cause. We will target your 3-course meal and offerings as a fixed
menu in the $ 30-$40 range per person, with a large percentage  that will go back to your favorite charity (preferably a local charity and must have a 501c3 designation). We will also make a 20% donation with an optional specialty drink offering.

If selected, you will provide us with an ingredient list and will be required to work with Chef Kim to execute your creations at least 1 week before your special evening. You will be asked to provide pictures and or videos of your creations as well as networking with your friends, family and social media to make your night successful. Remember, more customers mean more money we can donate to your favorite charity.

We know you’re out there… many of you have always wanted to be a restaurant Chef! This is your opportunity create and execute a menu while being a hero to a cause! All you must do is fill out this form, telling us more about yourself, your menu and optional drink recipe and most importantly, your cause! Our panel of distinguished professionals will collaborate to select seven Acadiana Cooks! Bon Chance!

Requested Information

What are you going to prepare?

Your Cause